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FAQ   Frequently Asked Questions


What is Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation?

Established in 2003, Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation is a non-profit national organization committed to providing Catholics with the opportunity to connect with their Catholic beliefs and celebrate their faith which is lived out in parish communities everyday. Salt + Light offers 100% Catholic content through a diverse range of multi-media tools, including television production, digital television and satellite distribution and the internet.

What is Salt + Light Television?

Salt + Light Television is Canada's first Catholic television network broadcasting 24/7 across Canada. Our programming has 100% Catholic content. This channel is currently available through Rogers Digital Cable, Cogeco Digital Cable and Mountain Cable in Ontario, Vidéotron Digital TV (Illico) in Quebec and EasLink Digital Cable in the Maritimes.

Is Salt + Light endorsed by any organizations?

Salt + Light is endorsed by national and international Catholic leaders and organizations, including the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Vatican Television Centre (CTV), many departments of the Vatican, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, to name a few.

Does Salt + Light Television have a mission statement?

Yes. “to be Salt and Light” (Mt 5:13 -14)

Does Salt + Light have an iPhone app?

Yup! Visit saltandlighttv.org/app

Does Salt + Light Television have a vision of this?

Yes. To use modern media as a tool to connect Catholics to their faith. To bring Catholic Media into the 21st century by utilizing the power of multimedia including television to share the Catholic message.

What can Salt + Light Television do for me?

As a Catholic, it is a place of retreat and faith connection. It will build on the enthusiasm created by World Youth Day 2002 and help move all Catholics forward in their roles. It will be the reflector of local Catholic communities with stories of Catholic action and social justice. It will become one of the new tools of sharing the Catholic faith and evangelizing.

How can I access the Salt + Light Television network?

Visit our subscribe page. Or see other ways you can connect.

What is the current programming?

Specific programs will change but generally our programming falls into 5 categories:

  • Prayer, Devotion and Meditation
  • Multilingual Catholic Liturgy including special Vatican ceremonies
  • Learning and Faith Development for all ages
  • Stories of Catholic Action and Social Justice throughout Canada and around the Globe
  • Stories of our Catholic Communities; Information and Context

Is Daily Mass available?

Yes; 4 times per day. And daily mass is in French too!

Do you have programs or news from the Vatican?

Yes. S+L airs programs regularly from the Vatican including special ceremonies such as

  • Christmas Eve Mass Live
  • The Beatification of Mother Teresa Live
  • Canonizations and other ceremonies

Check the weekly program schedule for the specifics.

Does Salt + Light produce documentaries?

Salt + Light has produced a number of documentaries that are available on DVD. Please visit the S+L Online Store to view the complete collection.

Why do we need digital cable to receive Salt + Light Television?

The CRTC ruled that no single-faith television network could be broadcast on regular cable. In order to broadcast across Canada , Salt + Light Television needs to be on digital.

Can I find some samples of Salt + Light programming on-line?

Yes. You can watch our promo video and sample some of our productions by clicking on "Watch S+L online".

How can I encourage my parish to introduce Salt + Light?

Talk to your pastor! Tell him about Salt + Light and ask him to contact us to develop a plan to introduce Salt + Light to your parish. Order boxes of our latest bi-annual magazine (Parishes Only).

How can I participate with Salt + Light?

How can I receive Salt + Light's magazine?

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