Gita Hosek
Director of Programming and Production
Gita Hosek has been around the film, television and radio business all her life. After completing her M.F.A from the Academy of Film & Television Art (Documentary Film Unit) in her native Czechoslovakia, she began working for the Czechoslovakian National Television. Since coming to Canada with her family in 1988 she has been active in the Canadian Television and Film industry producing films and TV shows/series for CBC, TVO, Vision TV, LifeNetwork and OLN.

Two of her series - “On the Road to Jerusalem” and “Waiting for Christmas”, that were produced by her production company for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, received awards at the 45th annual Columbus International Film & Video Festival in Columbus Ohio.

For the past five years she has been an Executive Board Member of the Documentary Organization of Canada that represents almost 600 documentary filmmakers from across the country.

Gita brings with her a wealth of experience and Catholic faith commitment that she shares with the young and talented production team of Salt and Light Television. She is married to George, who is an active member of the Film and Television industry as a Director of Photography. They have two children.