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Apostolic Visit to Sarajevo
New June 2015 - On June 6 Pope Francis takes this message of dialogue and peace to Sarajevo, a city that is no stranger to war, division and destruction. In the span of only a few short hours he will meet with the people who represent the different ethnic and religious groups in Sarajevo ... view more
Apostolic Journey to Asia
Jan 2015 - Pope Francis’ Apostolic Visit - "How I want a poor church; a poor church for the poor”, these were the words that Pope Francis used at the start of his pontificate to make clear his plans for the church. ... view more
Apostolic Journey to Korea
Aug 2014 - Pope Francis will visit Korea for the first time to attend the 6th Asian Youth Day. It’s been twenty five years since a pope last visited Korean soil. St. Pope John Paul II visited Korea in 1986 ... view more
Apostolic Journey to Holy Land
May 2014 - From May 24 to 26, Pope Francis had a trip to the Holy Land on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the meeting in Jerusalem ... view more
Apostolic Journey to Mexico
September 2012 - From September 14 to 16, Pope Benedict travels to Lebanon. This marks the Pope's first trip to the region since the beginning... view more
Apostolic Journey to Mexico
March 2012 - Coverage and commentary of the Holy Father's trip to Mexico, where, on Sunday, he celebrate Mass in Bicentennial... view more
Apostolic Journey to Cuba
March 2012
- Coverage of the Holy Father's three-day visit on the communist island of Cuba. Visiting 14 years after Pope John Paul II’s trip to Cuba... view more
Apostolic Journeys Apostolic Journey to the Benin Apostolic Journey to the Germany Apostolic Journey to the UK
Join us for full coverage of the Holy Father’s Apostolic Journeys and special Masses from the...
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Nov 18-20, 2011
LIVE Coverage of the Apostolic Journey to Benin, Africa. Arrival in Cotonou...
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Sept 22-25, 2011
LIVE Coverage of the Apostolic Journey to Germany. Arrival at Berlin Tegel... [program page]
June 4 - 5, 2011
LIVE Coverage of the Apostolic Journey to Croatia. Arrival at Pleso International Airport... [program page]
Apostolic Journey to the UK Apostolic Journey to the UK Apostolic Journey to Malta Apostolic Journey to Malta
The Camino de Santiago—the Way of St. James — pilgrimage has been around for over a thousand...
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The theme for Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Journey to the United Kingdom is an appropriate one....
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Pope Benedict XVI makes history as the first pope to visit Cyprus. During his visit to the island nation...
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In 1917 the Blessed Virgin appeared to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal. Two of the children...
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Apostolic Journey to Malta Apostolic Journey to Malta Apostolic Journeys Pilgrim Pope
Pope Benedict XVI makes his first apostolic journey to the home of the Holy Shroud. In this one...
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This visit celebrates the 1,950th anniversary of St. Paul's shipwreck on the island that, according to tradition...
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Pope Benedict XVI travels to the Czech Republic for his 13th international apostolic voyage—his seventh...
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On May 8, 2009 Pope Benedict XVI embarked on the most highly anticipated and carefully watched...
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Apostolic Journeys      
On September 10th Salt + Light Television marks the 25th anniversary of that historic event with...
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