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S+L BLOG: Deacon Pedro

“Take your shoes off and leave them here. Proceed through this door. Leave your clothes, all your clothes in one of these shelves. Go through the shower. Wash well. On the other side you will find clean socks and coveralls. I’ll meet you on the other side.” With those words Wally, our faithful cameraman and ...read more
Last week we went on a mission. Wally, the ever reliable cameraman, and I went with a group of students from St. Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary school in Mississauga, Ontario, on a mission trip to the Yukon. The plan was to spend the first two days at Camp Braeburn, north of Whitehorse helping get ...read more
When our kids were younger, we received a CD from a friend in Alberta. Almost immediately this CD became the most-listened-to CD in our house. My kids wanted to listen to it every time we were in the car – not always great for the parents – however; when you have a CD titled “Mary ...read more
So far we’ve had a brief look at Sacraments (Parts 1, 2, & 3) in general and more specifically at Baptism. Let’s continue with the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This is the Sacrament that we all called “Confession.” It is sometimes referred to as the Sacrament of “Penance,” as well. Remember that all Sacraments make Christ ...read more
I think that we can all say with certainty that the recent defeat of Bill C-384 is a great victory for Canadians. I say “Canadians” because even though there may be some who think euthanasia is necessary (even if a necessary evil), there’s no doubt that as long as we live in a world where ...read more
So far (here and here) we’ve looked at Sacraments as “visible signs of invisible grace” so we talked about signs, about sacraments as mysteries and we talked about grace. Another definition of Sacraments is “visible signs instituted by Christ to convey grace”. There’s a story in the gospels (Mark 5:25-34) that will help you understand ...read more
Last time we talked about why we need signs and about the Sacrament being not just the grace received (the gift) but also the sign or ritual. Today, let’s begin by talking about grace. Remember, most of us have learned that a Sacrament is a “visible or outward sign of an invisible or inward grace.” ...read more
For the last several years, one of my most enjoyable occupations has been working  on the show In Your Faith. I hope that this is a show that you’re familiar with. We are currently in post-production for the second season and for eight of these episodes we are looking at the Sacraments – well, Byron ...read more
Nestled on the outskirts of the tiny community of St. Agatha, Ontario lies the Carmel of St. Joseph, the home of a cloistered, contemplative community of Carmelite Nuns. They observe their vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in joy, and direct their lives toward prayer and the contemplation of the things of God. A few ...read more
Once again, the 40 Days for Life campaign has begun in 167 cities across the U. S., as well as cities in Canada, Northern Ireland and Australia. In Canada, this time around, it’s taking place in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Kelowna, BC, Guelph, Toronto and Montreal. In Toronto, the campaign kicked-off last night with guest ...read more