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S+L BLOG: Deacon Pedro

It seems that every day I am reminded of my own mortality. If it’s not news from Haiti, it’s news that someone has died – or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. No one wants to think about death or about losing a loved one, but death is one of life’s certainties: we will ...read more
The whole world has its eyes, once again, on Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas. The courage of the Haitian people has again been tested. As all of you already know, last Tuesday, an earthquake, registering at magnitude seven, hit the island nation – the most violent earthquake to hit the country in 100 ...read more
Salt + Light Television is pleased to bring viewers the Episcopal Ordinations of Toronto’s two newest Auxiliary Bishops this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Bishop-elect William McGrattan will be ordained Bishop on Tuesday, January 12th at St. Peter’s Cathedral in London, Ontario, while Bishop-elect Vincent Nguyen will be ordained Bishop on Wednesday, January 13th at St. ...read more
Unbelievable, but true, last week, Salt + Light Radio turned 50. We’ve been doing this program for a year now and it’s time to thank you all for being with us, for listening, for sending your comments (we love comments) and for supporting us through your words and prayers. To commemorate our “golden anniversary,” for ...read more
It seems that every year we have the same discussion around this time: what is the real meaning of Christmas? and let’s keep Christ in Christmas. There are even campaigns to boycott department stores that refuse to acknowledge the “reason for the season.” It’s so easy to jump onto that band wagon. To add to ...read more
Exactly 20 years ago I was at a nightclub in Panama, where I had gone to spend my Christmas holidays. I had just gone for dinner with my brother and his new girlfriend and gone to watch the movie Sea of Love, with Al Pacino. Just after midnight, the owner of the club shut the ...read more
Many of you joined us at St. Paul’s Basilica in Toronto for an evening with The Priests. If you’re not in Toronto or if you missed the live webcast, you can tune in this Sunday, December 20th, at 9:30pm ET for Harmony: An Evening with The Priests. The concert will repeat on Monday, December 21st ...read more
Today is December 12th and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe – a huge feast for Latin-Americans (and as we learned on S+L Radio last week, Filipinos too). This feast day was always a big one in my life, as my Parish in Panama was called Our Lady of Guadalupe. I wrote about this ...read more
It’s no secret to those who know me that I’m a big fan of Sarah Hart, so it’s with great excitement that I announce that she will be in conversation with me tonight on Catholic Focus. Sarah went up to Midland, Ontario last July for the Toronto Archdiocesan Youth Rally and we had a chance ...read more
We did it! Thanks for Sony and The Priests, but especially thanks to you – last night we were able to do a live webcast of The Priest’s concert, from St. Paul’s Basilica in Toronto. The concert was a wonderful evening – there were some 800 people present and Frs. Eugene, David and Martin treated ...read more