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One of the most important solemnities of the Catholic calendar is Corpus Christi, the celebration of Christ present in the Eucharist. Around the world there are numerous traditions connected with this feast. In the Middle Ages in Europe Corpus Christi processions were the most important events in the cities every year. Every one was waiting ...read more
He was a strong supporter of the Nicene Creed – the profession of faith that is most commonly used when we come together to celebrate Mass. He is none other than St. Basil the Great. In the Universal Catholic Church, we celebrate his feast day today and  so do the Anglican and Lutheran Churches. We ...read more
Consider today to be a foretaste of the real of meaning of Christmas. Today in the Universal Church, we celebrate the feast day of St. Nicholas of Bari — well-known as the Spiritual Father of Christmas. (Yes kids! That does St. Nicholas is more important than Santa Claus.) When we look deeper into the life ...read more