New Salt and Light series nears completion


TCA1 - cropped Salt and Light Producers Cheridan Sanders and Sebastian Gomes review the script of an episode of The Church Alive, a new series for the Year of Faith dedicated to Vatican II and the New Evangelization.  The 13-part series, which is filmed at the CBC studios in downtown Toronto, will premiere this coming September.  (Photo, May 7, 2013: Sam Sorich)

Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI was the last Bishop of Rome to participate in the Second Vatican Council during the 1960′s.  Fifty years after that historic event, the Catholic Church is celebrating the council’s anniversary and undertaking a universal initiative called the “new evangelization.”  In September, 2012, only five months before his resignation, Pope Benedict told a group of visiting bishops to the Vatican that the new evangelization “started precisely with the Second Vatican Council.”  The two cannot be separated and any serious work of the new evangelization has to find its roots in the documents of Vatican II.  Salt and Light has accepted this challenge and is currently producing The Church Alive, a fast-paced show based on the themes of the council.  Episodes include: Catholic Education, Economics, Religious Liberty, the Media, and Ecology.  Stay tuned for the latest news and updates, as the show enters its final production phase.

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