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Statement by CCCB President on articles in Canadian newspapers


[Salt + Light Television received this news release Friday, March 19th, from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops Communications Office]

The following statement was made on 18 March 2010 by the Most Reverend Pierre Morissette, President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops:

“Articles published earlier today in the newspapers The National Post and La Presse refer to the sexual abuse of minors by those exercising authority in the Catholic Church, in Canada and in other countries.

We strongly deplore the tone of these articles which are offensive to Canadian Catholics and imply that the Church has not responded to the problem of sexual abuse. This is false, and the accusations are evidently influenced by prejudice.

The attacks against Pope Benedict XVI are unjust and incorrect. In fact, the Holy Father has shown an example of great leadership, by apologizing to victims and by supporting the initiatives of Bishops to prevent future cases of abuse.

For many years, the position of the Catholic Bishops of Canada has been clear on these heinous crimes. In 1992, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops published its document From Pain to Hope, recommending that Bishops respond fairly and openly to allegations of sexual abuse, offer assistance to victims, and respect the jurisdiction of civil authorities.

Such problems unfortunately may surface again in the future, but our resolve, inspired by the commitment and the leadership of the Holy Father, will never cease.”

For more information, contact:
Christine Choury
Director of Communications
Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

French version (only in .pdf format.)


  1. Terik Ororke says:

    The Church needs to decide who and what is behind the media blitz to discredit the Pope and Catholics as a whole. It is becoming clear every day that there is media manipulation going on and references to things that happened 30 or more years ago and which have been openly dealt with by a Church that has done more about this problem than any other institution. The church and the bishops have also put this “problem” so front and center, that they are in great peril of saying and doing anything of relevance, which seems to be the point of the attacks. It is time for the Church to move on and look at the real danger.

  2. rosarotondi says:

    I think time has come for all catholics to take responsibility for the clergy abuse by instructing young people how to recognize an abuser and protect themselves. I am speaking from experience. I grew up in a foreign country where children were instructed from a very early age how to spot an abuser and react in a way that would not allow the abuser to succeed. It happened to me and guess what happened? The man ran for his life and never tried again. We owe it to our children, grandchildren, our Church and most of all to God.

  3. You would understand why all of these things are going on if you read the prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success which were told to a cloistered nun between 1594 and 1634, but were about the future times which were for during our own 20th century. Check out the site and read both the History of OLOGS and Story of OLOGS. You can find it here:

  4. This problem is not new in the church, St. Peter Damian who lived in the year 1000 to 1070, He delt with the same problem. See St. Peter Damian at this link. http://www.doctorsofthecatholicchurch.com/PD.html

  5. I grew up in a parish where the priests were holy men who committed themselves to chastity. They constantly gave of themselves to others lovingly. They visited the sick and comforted the burdened. They gave hugs to children who were upset and reassured parents. They preached the love of God and encouraged all in their relationships with Christ. One of these priests is over eighty years old now and he is being unjustly ridiculed for being a Catholic priest because of the actions of a few. An entire life of sacrificial love is spat upon. He will get his reward in heaven though because God knows.

  6. Lesli Jeffrey says:

    I grew up in a Parrish where a priest was guilty of horrible sexual abuse. He died in prison three years ago. He abused approx 35 girls in his career. It was awful & I feel the pain of these girls. The girls who confided in their parents an allindependently chose to keep it secret. The truth never surfaced for 30 years. Why? Maybe times were different? There are many people that take responsibilty for this priest not being brought to justice right away. Alot of the girls who show up at his house on a Saturday to visit. In his mind he said they sought him out & justified himself that way. The problems are opened up now for examination & the Church accepts reponsiblity but it is more complex than a newspaper article can do justice. Only God can undo this Knot. He is cleaning house.

  7. PJ Moore says:

    I have subscribed to to the National Post for almost 10 years, but yesterday I cancelled after seeing the front page. I hope all subscribers who are appalled by the unsubstantiated smear/attack on the Pope do the same. If done over the phone, you can give your reasons for cancelling, and these will be passed on to the publishers.

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