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Carl Anderson Addresses Knights at KofC Supreme Convention





Supreme Knight Carl Anderson’s address to Knights at the 132rd Supreme KofC Convention can be found here. Annual Report of the Supreme Knight 2014

More from the Knights Convention in San Antonio – Aug. 7, 2013

Tonight on Perspectives: Japanese Church remembers WWII bombings and we bring you more highlights from the 131st Supreme Convention of the Knights of Columbus.

Perspectives Daily – Tuesday, August 6

Today on Perspectives, Pope Francis’ Sunday Angelus and a extended coverage of the Supreme Convention of the Knights of Columbus.

IEC Day 3 – Carl Anderson: ‘Father, Faith and the Eucharist’

Since the very beginning, Carl Anderson has been a great friend to all of us at Salt + Light.  In the meantime, he continues to play a very important role in the Universal Church, in his capacity as Supreme Knight for the Knights of Columbus. Earlier today in Dublin at the International Eucharistic Congress, Anderson presented a personal testimony, as a husband and father on the Eucharist and faith in his life. We are pleased to bring you the full text of his testimony.


Our Lord told us with extraordinary clarity about the centrality of the Eucharist: “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you do not have life within you.”

Our Church teaches that the Eucharist is the “source and summit” of Christian life. And so, our Congress is really about life—about life with the Eucharist, and about the absence of life without it.

It is also about imparting the gift of natural life, and laying the groundwork for eternal life in our families.
[Read more…]

Knights called to bring a new hope to the world

“So that the world may know new hope”: That’s the theme of the Knights of Columbus 129th Supreme Convention from Denver, Colorado. The theme is taken from a prayer by Blessed John Paul II at the conclusion of his document Ecclesia in America following the 1997 Synod of Bishops for America.

[singlepic id=71 w=320 float=right]It’s a theme that was made tangible by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson as he recounted the many activities of the Knights in the past year. Whether it is collecting food for families, coats for kids, or providing prosthetics to children in Haiti who lost limbs in the devastating January 2010 earthquake, we learned about the hope that the Knights are bringing to people around them.

All told, in 2010 the Knights made charitable contributions of $154.6 million, exceeding last year’s total. The same was true for volunteer hours, as the Knights provided a record 70 million hours.

It’s interesting to note that the leaders in charitable contributions were Knights in Quebec and Ontario. Canadian provinces held seven places in the top ten when the number is broken down by per capita donations (for the record, in order, it is British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, Alaska, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Virginia, Florida, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick).

To learn more about the incredible work of the Knights, and their upcoming initiatives — like helping orphans in Africa, and their involvement in World Youth Day Madrid’s Love and Life Centre English Catechesis site —  read the Supreme Knight’s address here.

Visit the Salt + Light Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention page here for our remaining broadcast schedule in Denver.

Photo: Knights of Columbus

129th Knights of Columbus Convention – Opening Statements & Papal Message

Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight: [singlepic id=66 w=320 h=240 float=right]

I am delighted to welcome all our guests, particularly those now joining us from around the world by watching these proceedings live on EWTN, Salt + Light Television and CatholicTV. We also welcome those listening on EWTN radio. As Supreme Knight, it is my privilege to declare this 129th Supreme Convention of the Knights of Columbus in open session.

With brother Knights and delegates representing all 50 states, every province in Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Cuba and Poland, we gather today as the spiritual sons of Venerable Michael McGivney.

Eighty years before the Second Vatican Council, our founder envisioned a fraternal association that would strengthen the faith and families of Catholic men and that these men — these Knights — would in turn strengthen the Church and their families. After 129 years, our founder’s vision remains as relevant as ever, and we find ourselves in this room, heirs to his legacy and guardians of its future as we reflect upon the achievements of the past year and set the course for a still greater year ahead. [Read more…]

Prominent Catholic commentators acclaim Pope John Paul II’s legacy leading up to May 1st beatification

On Monday, our friends over at HeadlineBistro.com began a series of articles from prominent Catholic commentators examining the influence of Pope John Paul II.

The series, titled John Paul II: A Blessed Legacy, will feature columns by:

  • Supreme Knight Carl Anderson on John Paul II and the Civilization of Love
  • George Weigel on John Paul II’s life as an exemplary model of Christian discipleship
  • Mother Agnes Mary Donovan, SV, on the Polish Pontiff as a herald for the gospel of life.
  • Ambassador Jim Nicholson on Pope John Paul II and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Magnificat editor-in-chief Fr. Peter Cameron, OP, on John Paul II the artist
  • Political commentator Kathryn Jean Lopez on John Paul II and the New Evangelization
  • Salt + Light TV’s Fr. Thomas Rosica on John Paul II and World Youth Day
  • American Papist blogger Thomas Peters on the “JPII Generation.”

… and many more on topics including Pope John Paul II’s contribution to ecumenism and theology of the body.

New articles will be released each day in the week leading up to Pope John Paul II’s beatification this Sunday.

Read the series on Headline Bistro here.

CNS photo/Catholic Press Photo

New Episode of Word for Word: CAUTION – Men at Work

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to work – there’s a big job ahead that will certainly involve some seat, toil, and heartache. But the end result? Well, the job itself as assigned by Pope John Paul II, is to build a Civilization of Love so I think that speaks for the end product itself.

But what does that mean, exactly? Joining us on this latest episode of Word for Word is Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus and author of A Civilization of Love: What Every Catholic Can Do to Transform the World.

Now as Pope John Paul II defended traditional gender roles, we too must recognize that men and women have each been given their own gifts, talents, and vocation to live. And so as we speak to Mr. Anderson, head of the world’s largest fraternal organization, we’ll focus on the role that men in particular play in building this civilization of love.

Join us, April 15th at 8:30pm ET for Word for Word.

Nothing More Beautiful Season 2 now available on DVD

There is nothing more beautiful than to be surprised by the Gospel, by the encounter with Christ. There is nothing more beautiful than to know Him and to speak to others of our friendship with him.

Those words are from Pope Benedict XVI’s homily at the Mass inaugurating his Pontificate

It’s also the inspiration for a five year initiative from the Archdiocese of Edmonton called Nothing More Beautiful.

While the third season of Nothing More Beautiful is underway, the second episode airs this Saturday December 18th at 8pm ET, Salt + Light Television is pleased to announce the second season is now available on DVD.

The set includes all five encounters and ten talks which invited viewers to encounter anew the beauty of Christ.

The impressive list of speakers include:

  • Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who at the time was Archbishop of Quebec, but is now the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops,
  • Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton,
  • Toronto’s Archbishop Thomas Collins,
  • Archbishop Michael Miller, CSB, of Vancouver,
  • Whitehorse’s Bishop Gary Gordon,
  • Teacher Lydia Cristini,
  • Sisters of Life Superior General Mother Agnes Mary Donovan
  • Sister Annata Brockman of the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Papal biographer and author George Weigel and
  • Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus Carl Anderson

Each episode also includes a catechetical focus from Edmonton’s Archbishop Richard Smith to help viewers better consider the content.

To order either the first or second season of Nothing More Beautiful visit our webstore or call 1-888-302-7181.

The Pope like you’ve never seen him: Vatican TV goes HD

The Vatican’s television production centre, Centro Televisivo Vaticano (CTV) has been slowly moving towards broadcasting in high-definition. Today they took a giant leap forward in that direction. Thanks to Sony and the Knights of Columbus, CTV is the proud new owner of a mobile broadcast truck fully capable of broadcasting in high definition.

Speaking to journalists at a press conference at the Vatican November 16, Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus said there is a long Catholic tradition of bringing Christ to the world, whether it was Christ himself going to the seaside or the mountains to preach, St. Paul going to the Aeropagus to spread Christ’s message, or missionaries going off to new lands to spread the Good News.

“It is for this is the reason that the Knights of Columbus is so happy to be able support the great communications work of the Vatican, which continues the evangelizing spirit of the Church in the modern world through the use of the best technology available. Today, the Holy See has the opportunity to reach the farthest corners of the earth through the new Areopagus – high definition television,” Anderson said.

Father Federico Lombardi, SJ, head of CTV, said the production centre produces about 200 hours of live programming and there have been increasing requests for that programming to be broadcast in high definition. CTV has slowly been preparing for the switch over to HD by acquiring cameras and other equipment capable of producing HD footage. The choice to broadcast in HD was a forced choice in that sense that if CTV did not switch over to HD, “the Pope’s image would gradually, over the next few years, disappear from the world,” he said.

The new mobile unit was made possible by a joint effort between Sony Italy, which offered the unit at a reduced cost, the Knights of Columbus who made a significant contribution towards the purchase, and CTV itself which used the surplus from past fiscal years toward the purchase.

Wednesday November 18th Pope Benedict XVI will bless the truck after his general audience, then the truck goes to Milan for final touches, and returns to the Vatican in early December in time to begin broadcasting the Pope’s Masses to the world in HD.

CNS photo/Paul Haring