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Salt + Light launches WYDCentral.org, new permanent website for all things World Youth Day


Are you interested in World Youth Day? I don’t mean  Madrid11 – I mean ALL World Youth Days: before Madrid and beyond.

[singlepic id=30 w=320 float=right]If so, you can now benefit from a new resource: www.wydcentral.org. This new website features a repository of information on World Youth Days and will be an information hub for pilgrims, ex-pilgrims and pilgrims-to-be, and all interested persons throughout the world.

What can you find at WYD Central?  There’s background information, travel info related to WYD Madrid 2011, reflections from pilgrims around the world, information on previous World Youth Days and a wide assortment of videos, including footage from every event going back its beginnings in 1985. For me, that’s the best thing!  This unique archival footage is available in the site’s WYD-TV platform.

“World Youth Day is at the heart of Salt and Light,” said our very own Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, who, as you know, was also CEO of World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto. “World Youth Day has yielded immeasurable good around the world. We are among its fruits and this new website is but a small expression of our appreciation to the Pontifical Council for the Laity for having instituted this much-needed universal program.”

The site is also dedicated to all the young people from around the world, without whom World Youth Days would not exist.

This site is for all people – whether you’re just finding out about WYD now, or you’re a veteran. We welcome your submissions. Videos, reflections, photos – send them and let’s make WYD Central a great place for all things WYD.

The website is updated daily, with ongoing updates to WYD-TV, and will include a special live-stream of Salt + Light’s World Youth Day Madrid 2011 coverage.


  1. August 22nd, 2011

    Dear Friends in Christ..

    Yesterday in listening to your WYD 2011 Madrid, SpainWrap Up show, I believe I heard Fr. Rosica or someone else on the program mention about all the beautiful gifts the young pilgrims who attended this WYD 2011 in Madrid were given in their back packs.

    Apparently, there was a ‘YouCat’ Catechism book given by Pope Benedict XVI along with a beautiful Cross and many other things.

    I am wondering if the ‘YouCat’ Catechism book will be available for people to get at our local Catholic Book shops and also to purchase the WYD 2011 Cross?

    It would be special for all the many young people who were not able to attend this WYD 2011 in Madrid, Spain. Even for the older people to get for the young people in their lives, especially their grandchildren and other family members. It would a special memento for them all to have from WYD 2011.

    Warmest thoughts & prayers in Christ.

  2. August 21st, 2011

    Dear Friends in Christ…

    I have been literally glued to your Salt & Light WYD 2011 from Madrid, Spain coverage & telecasts. I am somewhat at a loss to express my sincerest appreciation in being able to see
    all the events for this WYD 2011 in Madrid, Spain.

    I was truly touched and spiritually moved by all the various commentaries and other comments and talks by and with Fr. Thomas Rosica. He has such a beautiful way and gift in being able to relate not only to the youth but to each one of us especially here at home.

    I keep praying and hoping the Congregation of St. Basil (Brasilian Fathers) does NOT decide to
    send or transfer Fr. Thomas Rosica to somewhere else. It would be a great loss to everyone
    who is Catholic and even other Christians & non-Christians here in Canada.

    Ever since I subscribed to Salt & Light TV Ministries Channel there isn’t a day that I don’t watch and listen to all the various Religious & Spiritual programs. Especially the Daily Mass, the Angelus, especially the Rosary from the Holy Land in the mornings/afternoon & evenings.
    I really enjoy watching and listening to Fr. Rosica’s program ‘Witness’ which are not only most interesting but spiritually truly so inspiring.

    Being that for many years now, I have been a convert to Catholicism. Each day I thank God
    our Lord and Master for loving me as one of his own. I feel blessed in so many ways and try
    to be an example just as the young people are doing when they attend these WYD around the World… I only wish we had these types of Religious events when I was young as there are today..

    They truly motivate me to continue to grow in my faith and to see what is available for all of
    us to learn or study about our Catholic faith. As well to have Priests, Brothers and Religious as well the Laity to inspire us and teach us more by their own example and love of Jesus Christ.

    To see over a million young people come from around the World to gather for this year’s WYD 2011 in Madrid, Spain is simply incredible and spirutually inspiring. We’ve all witnessed their love and enthusiasm for Jesus and for the late Blessed John Paul II and also for our present Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI.

    I wish you all a safe trip back to Canada and continued success with the Salt & Light TV Ministries.
    May God continue to bless each one of you everyday..

    Thank you to all your Team and Staff as well your Volunteers who made this WYD 2011 such
    a blessed event.

    Warmest thoughts & prayers in Christ

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