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June 3, 2008
"So, will we meet again?"
It was an exchange I overheard between two old friends -- whose days of youth had long passed -- at the Catholic Media Convention last week.
It wasn't when will I see you next, it was will I see you again... their own limitations and mortality becoming more apparent as the years roll on.
I felt a certain sadness hearing the words, it was as if two old friends were saying goodbye. Rather than scurrying off to find some hors d'oeuvres I zoned out of my own conversation to think about what I had overheard.
It became evident to me that in amongst all the different facets of the communications industry -- be it technology, or getting one's message out -- there are relationships. Person to person. Lasting friendships. Interaction. At the very basis of all communication is this connection between people.
Perhaps these connections or relationships are between colleagues, as was the case in the conversation I heard. Perhaps its between people who watch our television programs or read newspaper columns. Or in the case of Catholic media, perhaps it's in the strengthening of one's relationship with the Church and Christ.
As much as the Catholic Media Convention was about sharing ideas about the new evangelization, networking, professional development, it is also a family reunion of sorts. It is the meeting old friends, and the making new ones.  It is a celebration.
It's about saying hello.
And saying goodbye.
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