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Perspectives: Recipe for Sainthood?

February 26, 2010
Since Perspectives’ debut last month, a painstaking amount of thought has gone into each Question of the Week. In fact, as soon as we are finished filming the Friday show, we conduct an office-wide poll on which question should be featured on the next week’s episode. I am always surprised by how much discussion is sparked by a simple question.
Perspectives-SanctityThis week’s question, “Is it easier get to heaven nowadays than it was in the past?”, was no exception!
The responses seemed to be split right down the middle with half saying that sanctity was more difficult to attain nowadays due to the many lures of the world coming from all sides. The other side vehemently disagreed saying that yes, although there are many temptations in our day, the call to holiness was still being answered because God’s Grace provides for saints in every age.
So what do you think?
Not surprisingly, our office debate was nearly matched in zeal by the debate on the S+L Facebook page as well! If you are not a Salt + Light fan on Facebook yet, we invite you to become one today and offer your perspective as we always love to hear from you!
On tonight’s edition of Perspectives, our host Pedro Guevara Mann will be speaking with Fr. Charles Sousa of the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP). Founded in Jamaica by Father Richard Ho Lung in 1981, this young community of brothers works among the poorest of the poor all over the world and is teeming with new vocations. Father Charles tells us what he thinks about modern-day sanctity and will offer his insights on the “recipe for sainthood”.
Madonna House’s Marie Javora joins us for the second segment where she talks about what it was like to live with someone whose cause for canonization is well underway, namely Servant of God Catherine Doherty. I think we will all be surprised to learn that sanctity is far from being one size fits all!
So if you aren’t a saint already, and you’re in the market to become one, join us this Friday, February 26th at 7 pm ET, or Sunday, February 28th at the same time, for the weekly edition of Perspectives.
In the meantime, you can check for updates on the S+L Facebook page and on the Perspectives page on the S+L website.
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