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Stem Cell Research….yawn?

March 16, 2007
Unless it’s the subject of some complex subplot in the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy or House… it just ain’t interesting!
A few months ago, I was sitting around with girlfriends talking “big” future plans, when someone blurted out the question “when you have kids are you going to store their cord blood?” to which I intelligently replied “...HUH?"
Hating to feel ignorant, I decided to do just a tad bit of research the next day. Before I knew it, what started as mindless Googling ended in the makings of a Catholic Focus show. I actually became deeply engrossed in the stem cell subject (this is especially surprising coming from one whose worse school subject was biology). Between the science and the moral implications, I found I had so many questions.
Seeing how stem cells have dominated newspaper headlines for almost a decade and is strangely slipping its way into pub conversations, you might want to tune into Catholic Focus tonight, March 16th, at 7pm ET (or Sunday, March 18th at 7pm ET). You’ll meet people who have their own experiences to share, get answers to all those lingering questions, and find out what this mysterious umbilical cord blood business is about. You might be surprised to find out how interesting the topic actually is!

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