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Thank you Salt + Light

August 11, 2008
[This blog come from Christopher Pietraszko, a seminarian who has been interning at Salt + Light throughout the summer]
thetwochrises.jpgThe summer has moved quite fast, and I’m sad that my time at Salt + Light is over, but I am quite grateful to Fr. Thomas Rosica and all the staff for their charity and joy. I was sent to work at Salt + Light by the rector of the seminary I attend. Fr. Bill McGrattan, the rector of St. Peter’s Seminary in London Ontario, a good friend of Fr. Thomas Rosica, sent my brother seminarian, Christopher Marentette and me on a journey I will never forget.
If I could summarize the two main graces that I have received this summer I would have to say it has been both courage and joy for the faith, something that I had seemingly forgotten this last year. Fr. Thomas and the staff of Salt + Light were gifted with a busy yet blessed summer which included the Catholic Media Conference in Toronto, the International Eucharistic Congress and World Youth Day in Australia, and finally International Knights of Columbus Convention in Quebec City. It was truly a jam-packed summer, involving work, prayer, sweat, and much thanksgiving and jubilation.
But in the midst of all the business, there was never a time that I witnessed cynicism, hopelessness, bitterness or unruly judgment. In other words, Salt + Light, was exactly what it was called to be, salt and light for the world. It added flavor and clarity to the true beauty of God’s great master-piece, the Church. Truly Salt + Light paved its way into the networks, countries, and churches abroad. But I’m proud to say its positive, joyful attitude also paved its way into my heart, just by its simple example of being faithful to the Gospel and the mission of the Church.
It was truly a gift to observe and participate in the work Salt + Light does to share this youth and joy filled faith with the world. A theologian once described God as a wild teenager filled with adventure in creating the world we live in. He is a God who is always new, always alive, always filled with energy and in some ways, always anticipating what his adventures will procure. This spirit is fully lived out through the gifted and talented producers, editors, computer experts, marketing producers and staff in general. There is no doubt that this experience will profoundly impact me in ways I have yet to realize along my journey towards priesthood.
There is no better feeling than to leave a place full of gratitude and appreciation for all the wonderful graces received. Thank you Salt + Light for being Christ in this world, and sharing the unique gift of Hope our faith has to offer us!
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