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The Strong Silent Type

March 19, 2009
stjosephthecarpenter.jpg Today is the feast of St. Joseph, the patron saint of Canada. You probably won't see people gathering for massive celebrations like they did two days ago for St. Patrick's Day. There won't be people in funny hats. No t-shirts with lillies. But why would there be? That doesn't seem to fit our idea of Joseph. (not that binge drinking suits St. Patrick, but I digress...) St. Joseph, for me and for many, strikes me as the strong silent type. Righteous, as Matthew 1:19 says. Humble. A protector, a provider. A noble example for all men, not just fathers. I came across a wonderful phrase about St. Joseph in Catherine Doherty's book Poustinia that I'd like to share with you. She's quoting the French poet Paul Claudel:
The Word is the adopted son of silence, for St. Joseph passes through the pages of the Gospel without uttering a single word. (Poustinia, p65)
As Catherine says, "isn't that a beautiful sentence to meditate on?" St. Joseph, pray for us!
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