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KofC Convention: A Spiritual Charity

August 5, 2010
As we have discussed over the last three days the theme of the Knights of Columbus' 128th Supreme Convention has been I Am My Brother's Keeper.
KofC-MemorialMassOn the third and final day of the Convention, the Knights remembered their deceased brothers and family with Mass, on the memorial of the dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major.
The principle celebrant and homilist, Supreme Chaplain Bishop William Lori shared that part of the charitable works of the Knights are to other Knights -- reaching out to their brother Knights when they may have experienced a death in the family, or experienced some kind of a difficulty (this of course touches on the principle of fraternity).  But the Knights also have another kind of charity to brother Knights.  Quoting a close friend to the Knights, Cardinal John Foley, Bishop Lori explained that Knights are also called to a spiritual charity... and a key to spiritual charity includes praying for our beloved dead.  That act of spiritual charity fits with being my brother's keeper
The most perfect prayer for our dead is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, said Bishop Lori, which was why it was important that the attendees had gathered together.  During the Mass, the names of Knights who passed away in the last year was read.  It was a quiet moment to remember the dead, and to pray for their souls, and to offer Mass for them and for their friends and family. 
After the Mass, closed business sessions continued and finished around noon bringing the 128th Supreme Convention in Washington, D.C., to a close.  Next year's convention will head west next year -- to rockies.  Denver, Colorado, will be the host city for the 129th Supreme Convention.
It has been a busy three days, but one that has celebrated the incredible work by an organization dedicated to charity, the Church and Gospel values.  As Catholics we should be proud of the activities and the outreach that the Knights participate in, not only because the works are good, but because it is in imitation of our Lord.  Each task that extends a helping hand, is an act of loving our neighbour.  In each act, it is more fully realized that I am in fact my brother's keeper.
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