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Brother André: Your last chance to win a DVD of God’s Doorkeeper

October 12, 2010
Five more days and Br. André Bessette will be canonized.
Frère André (6-14)AND in less than three days, as part of celebrating this great event, Salt + Light will be giving away one last free DVD of our production on Br. André, God’s Doorkeeper:  St. André of Montreal.
Thank you to all of you who have participated so far.  The last two winners were Maria Robbie of Manitoba and Harrison Ayre of British Columbia.  Congratulations, you two!
All they did was:
  1. Befriend Salt + Light TV on Facebook,
  2. Share an inspiring story about Br. André, what he means to them.
Send your own story and you could win a free DVD on us.
Hope to hear from you soon!
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