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My Fond Memories of Respect

January 6, 2009
After a Christmas hiatus, we resume The World I Know: Virtues in Action series. This week we look at Respect.
respectcollage.jpgIn the first segment of this show, Akheem Isaac introduces us to basketball, dance and all the other ways students can show respect in school. I remember when I was trying to find the perfect host for “Respect”, and more than one teacher at Cardinal Newman School told me that they know the perfect student for it – Akheem Isaac. Akheem and his school are certainly special. And what made it special is the relationship that staff and students have. I remember interviewing the principal at the time, Fred Albi, and seeing two students rush into his office and talk about how they needed lunch money. I heard stories from students about how their teachers would make the sacrifice after school to make sure they are involved in activities that teach them how to relate to others and cultivate their own talents.
The student of the day is Merwyn Rosario. Merwyn has multiple sclerosis, but that’s not what he wants you to remember or notice about him. He talks about loving sports, loving his friends, being independent. What I remember about Merwyn is his gentleness and love of life. He talked about respect that went beyond respecting people around you. He talked about how he struggled with learning to respect the people who bullied him!
The saint of the day, or blessed, shall we say, is Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. In Mother Teresa’s eyes, everyone deserves respect as a child of God. Even if you are a leper or a murderer, it doesn’t matter. Sr. Antoniana Maria Macapagal, a Sister of Life, speaks about Mother Teresa also as someone who had a deep love for the Eucharist, and how it is this Eucharistic love that enables her to have this sense of respect. Sr. Antoniana carries on this respect in her ministry to the unborn, in her respect for the life of those who are most vulnerable.
The Respect episode airs at 8pm ET on Tuesday, the ninth episode of The World I Know: Virtues in Action. For more information on this series, check the Virtues webpage on our website by clicking HERE. And remember, if you miss the 8pm ET broadcast, you can still catch it at midnight, or during your lunch break (12:30 pm ET) the next day via live streaming!
And don’t forget to tune in next week for the tenth AND final episode of the series. Don’t miss our season finale with “Love”, the queen of all virtues. See you then!
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