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Empty and Beautiful

January 9, 2009
"Over two thousand years, men and women have responded to God's invitation to grace, all as part of the Body of Christ; Yet, despite the distance of time, culture, and ethnic origins, each call is connected in common struggles and themes, chief of which is, to "pick up his cross and follow me" to empty oneself and be filled with that beautiful grace. To be empty and beautiful."
pedro-and-matt-maher.jpgFor singer/songwriter Matt Maher, that is how he is striving to live out his call - a call that is no different than yours or mine, just lived out in a very specific way - by trying to empty himself, to surrender, and because of that, to be beautiful.
I love that! Recently I had the opportunity to interview Matt just before his concert at the recent Life Teen Conference in Mississauga, Ontario. I wrote about that concert HERE (we'll let you know when it's airing). Matt and I spoke about growing up in St. John's Newfoundland (didn't you know? He's Canadian!), about his music and what drives it, prayer life (he's got the Daily Office on his iPhone) and Life Teen.
Tune in and watch that interview on Catholic Focus, this Friday, January 9th at 7 and 11pm ET, with an encore presentation Sunday, January 11th at the same times.

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