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S+L in Rome

February 5, 2009
From atop Gianicolo hill, stone pines overlook St. Peter’s Square
On my first day back in Rome since October, I was reminded of the many small details that differentiate this part of the world from Toronto. Even from the plane I could see the statuesque stone pines, a variety so graceful that they can be used in bonsai. I also delight in the tiny cars that would make perfect sense in a city like Toronto. The grocery store aisles are brimming with all exotic varieties of dried bread.
Small cars squeeze extra inches from Rome’s limited parkingThen there's the less pleasant mainstays of any Roman trip: the graffitied and odorous train taking you from Fiumicino airport, attempting to roll your suitcase along a cobblestone road, and the conspicuous absence of recycling bins.
Yet even Rome's faults have a way of adding to its character. Or maybe its exquisitely preserved history simply makes up for the shortcomings. In any regard, in the coming weeks I will keep you up-to-date on my latest adventures in work and leisure.

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