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Catholic Focus: Designing Marriage

February 10, 2009
theobodyblog.jpgI was appalled to learn, with the whole excitement of the "Super Bowl" commercials, that there is an dating agency called Ashley Madison, that specializes in extra-marital sexual encounters (they call them "married dating and affairs"). After watching some of their ads, with the catchy phrase, "life is short, have an affair," I think it's safe to say that they not only specialize, but they encourage cheating on your spouse.
And that's the world we live in: a world where no one really knows what marriage is all about. We think it has to do with love and romance and that sex should just happen and be wonderful -- if you're in love.
No wonder there are so many broken hearts (and broken homes)! It is no surprise to me, that most of society's ills have something to do with sex: infidelity, divorce, incest, rape, pornography, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion... and you could easily link any number of others to these: throwaway children, child abuse, neglected children, gangs, juvenile crime... is that too far a leap?
Theology of the Body by John Paul II teaches that it is in our sexuality where we come closest to the image of God. So it stands to reason that it is in our sexuality that the one who hates God, will attack us the most.
But the Church's response to all these problems is not to say "no" to sex. The Church's response is to say "yes" to what sex really is and to God's plan for, and original design of, relationships, spousal love and family.
Yes, God has a plan for sex, but can we know that plan? Of course. What kind of God would He be if we couldn't?
Tune in this Tuesday, February 10th at 7pm and 11pmET for Catholic Focus: Designing Marriage. I will be speaking with Natural Family Planning Outreach's Fr. Matthew Habiger about sex, marriage and life. If you miss it and would like a little something extra to help you on Valentine's Day, it'll be on again, this Saturday, February 14th, at the same times, on Salt + Light Television. Or watch live on the Internet at www.saltandlighttv.org.

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