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This is My God

February 22, 2011
I've been a Catholic all my life. I grew up in a predominantly Catholic country, but I went to an Episcopal school. My best friend's Dad was the Episcopal Bishop. I also had a few Jewish friends growing up. One year we had a Hindu student in my class and another year, a student from Iraq - I think he was a Muslim. It never came up.
After that, I went to an International School, on Vancouver Island, Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific, with young people from all over the world and all different faiths. I made friends with other Christians, with Jews and Muslims. My roommate was a Hindu. There were Sikhs, Mennonites, and Mormons. There were also a fair share of atheists and self-proclaimed agnostics. The one thing we all had in common was a desire for meaning and for truth.
And so, inter-faith relations has always been an interest of mine. I believe that learning about other faiths and belief-systems can only strengthen my own faith. If anything, it will force me to know what I believe in order to share it with others.
Tomorrow we have a great opportunity for such a dialogue.
The Book of Exodus, Chapter 15:2 says, "This is my God." In my experience, it's always fascinating when different people of different faiths gather to talk about that one verse.
What a better way to do it, than as a panel discussion, where you can submit your own questions? What better way to do it, including people from all over the globe, than through the Internet, as a Live Webcast?
Join us tomorrow night, Wednesday, February 23rd for THIS IS MY GOD, a panel discussion with Rabbi Aaron Flanzraich, Senior Rabbi at Beth Sholom Synagogue; Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, C.E.O, of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation; and Imam Hamid Slimi, Chairman of the Canadian Council of Imams.
The live Webcast will begin at 7:15pm ET (4:15pm PT) and you'll be able to watch it here.
And remember, send us your questions, as our panelists will be taking questions throughout the event.

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