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Pray the Rosary every Saturday for WYD

June 23, 2011
Did you know?
[singlepic id=12 w=320 float=right]We've been asked to pray the Rosary every Saturday for World Youth Day.
But this week we've been asked a special request.
The campaign is now about half way through and WYD is less than 55 days away! This is an excellent moment to remind people, to make sure that people don't forget, but even more so, as things are building up for the event itself, it is most important to concentrate our prayer even more.
Thanks to Family Rosary International and their Firm in the Faith with Mary initiative, the WYD Rosary Campaign has received great attention. The campaign is doing very well, having reached many countries. But now is the time to renew our efforts in reaching out to more people.
It's very simple yet powerful: pray the Rosary on Saturdays for World Youth Day.
Spread the word. Pay special attention to promotion through your social networks! Also, now we are getting to a moment when it makes special sense to reach out to the groups that are going to attend WYD. If you can communicate with any of these groups to reach the pilgrims, their families, their parish and school communities, it will be fantastic.
Let them know that they will find more and more resources at firminfaith.org that will help them prepare spiritually for WYD.
There was an interesting article that appeared a few days ago in the National Catholic Register that explains the campaign quite nicely.
Join us in praying for WYD. Pray the Rosary every Saturday. Dedicate your Saturdays to "Firm in the Faith with Mary" for WYD.
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