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An Invitation to Visit with the Nashville Dominicans in Toronto

March 26, 2009
sr-mary-ruth-and-childAs you know, Salt + Light Television recently produced a documentary on the Nashville Dominicans titled Beloved: The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia.
I have felt very blessed to hear stories of how this documentary is touching so many lives – of those discerning, those already in religious life, and married couples! I received a heartwarming e-mail from California about the documentary:
I am happy to report that we all watched Beloved last night — and found it both beautiful and inspirational.
While my 2-year-old son lost interest (as is typical for 2-year-old boys!), my 5-year-old son was rapt, and my 6-year-old daughter really seemed to love it. I think it was a powerful inspiration for her to see these women giving their lives to God this way. (Our baby had no comment one way or the other!) Meanwhile, my wife and I both really enjoyed it, too, and found ourselves repeatedly getting teary — seeing the joy in which the sisters live out their vocations helped to reaffirm us in our own. Thank you!
The beautiful witness of the Nashville Dominicans has certainly touched the hearts of many!
Perhaps it has even stirred the hearts of some young women, and had them asking 'what is it that God wants for me in life?'
Salt + Light would like to invite people who may be discerning a vocation to the religious life, or are simply interested in witnessing life in this vibrant community of teachers and educators. Three sisters from the Nashville Dominicans are coming to Toronto, and you’ve seen them all in the documentary: Sr. Catherine Marie, O.P., General Councilor; Sr. Mary Emily, O.P., Vocation Director; and Sr. Marie Vianney, O.P.
They will be arriving in Toronto on Friday, April 3rd. On Saturday, April 4th, beginning at 2:30 pm, there will be a screening of the film at Salt + Light, after which everyone can participate in the meeting with the sisters. A light supper will be served, followed by the Archdiocesan celebration of the Palm Sunday Procession from St. Paul’s Basilica and Mass at St. Michael’s Cathedral with Archbishop Thomas Collins.
Space is limited for this event, so call Raymond Richings at 416-971-5353 x. 241 to reserve your place now!

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