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WYD - Scenes of the Via Crucis in Madrid

August 18, 2011
A presentation was made of the scenes that will cover the Via Crucis (or Stations of the Cross) that will be  held Friday on the Paseo de Recoletos. The WYD Via Crucis will feature pasos (statues used in Spanish Holy Week processions) from 12 Spanish cities. Each of these images illustrates a Station of the Cross.
The scenes have been designed by Reset Architecture. Eduardo Delgado, Project Manager and Studio Director, emphasized the fact that "our goal has been to combine the different dimensions and styles contained in each of the different pasos, all with one scenery."
The various pasos that make up the Via Crucis will be accompanied by structures "in the form of a canopy" that will help shield them from any adverse weather. The back of each structure will feature texts related to each of these scenes, using the colors red and white. Delgado said that with these scenes, “the leading role will be taken by the images.”

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