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Watching is Helping

May 13, 2007
The Girodats, circa 1983Happy Mother’s Day out there to all. I hope you are each blessed today with extra smiles, flowers, lunch outside in the sunshine, and the cheers and thanks of family and friends.
To my own Mom, I say THANK YOU for all her words… words of wisdom, of love, of concern, of hope, of joy, of caution, of praise, of guidance, of anger, of truth. My mom has many words that are hers only – special words or phrases that make all of her kids laugh not because they are funny but because they are uniquely her. And one of my favourites from childhood is the phrase “Watching is helping.” This gem prevented many hands from getting in the mix of cooking and cleaning when she just wanted to get things done quickly. So instead of me mixing up the cookie dough, my job was as manager, overseeing the addition of chocolate chips and monitoring the size of cookie on the pan. I felt Very Important. Twenty-some years later, Mom tells her grandchildren the same… “watching is helping”… and they carefully inspect her work, which no doubt, would not be as top-notch if she didn’t have constant pairs of eyes on her.
And twenty-some years later, I know her phrase to be true. Watching is helping. We experience this everyday here at Salt + Light Television. Without viewers watching and monitoring and carefully considering the work of our station, then we would be without the help of their advice and support.
Today, we honour all the mothers, all the watchers, and all the helpers. Happy Mother’s Day from Salt + Light Television.

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