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Feature Programming | August 26 – September 2

August 29, 2011
Fr. BarronConversion | Fr. Robert Barron
Six stories of conversion from the Gospels. The common theme in each story is the turning of all one's attention and energy toward an ever deeper, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In his characteristically energetic style, Fr. Barron explains how conversion is not so much a one-time event, but a life-long process. "Jesus Christ calls us in thousands of different ways to follow Him, as we strive on the path for spiritual excellence". This talk demonstrates how 6 ordinary people, just like you, were met by Jesus where they were and called to a better life through Him.
Thursday, September 1
9:30pm & 1:30am ET / 6:30pm & 10:30pm PT
IYFMy Mission | Padre Alegria
Angola has finally experienced peace after thirty years of fratricidal fighting. However, the everyday struggle for survival continues in the poor quarters of Luanda, home to five million. Father Milan Zednícek has found his own cure for pain, hatred and despair; it is joy. Some of his parishioners don't even know that his name is Milan. They call him Padre Alegria – Father Joy.
Friday, September 2
8:30pm & 12:30am ET / 5:30pm & 9:30pm PT
WitnessSalt + Light | wydcentral.org | Live Streaming
Last week Salt + Light aired the events of World Youth Day. Catch what you missed or re-live some of the timeless moments as youth from around the world came together to celebrate their faith and meet the Holy Father.
Visit wydcentral.org/wydtv for our streaming.
Salt + Light TV Series
WitnessWitness | Interview with Sr. Sara Butler, MSBT
Join Fr. Thomas Rosica in this interview with Sr. Sara Butler, woman religious, renowned theologian and author, as they discuss the gift of consecrated life in the Church today, and the challenges faced by women and men who vow poverty, chastity and obedience for the sake of the Kingdom. Sr. Sara has taught in seminaries and theological institutes throughout the United States. She has also served the Universal Church in various capacities at a Vatican Synod and on International Commissions.
Sunday, September 4
8:00pm & 12:00am ET / 5:00pm & 9:00pm PT
S+L Documentary |
Journey of Light
A young Canadian Catholic sets out with her television crew to the Holy Land. She has ten days to visit the most significant places of Christ’s life, and to meet the people there. Her mission is to produce a documentary that would encourage Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land. But her personal desire is to see God’s face in the very place he walked as a man, in Jesus Christ. She follows in his footsteps, always seeing before her the trail of his light.
Thursday, September 1
8:30pm & 12:30am ET / 5:30pm & 9:30pm PT
Sunday, September 4
8:30pm & 12:30am ET / 5:30pm & 9:30pm PT
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