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Have you thought about silence recently?

September 30, 2011
An Iraqi girl prays during MassOn Thursday, the Vatican announced the theme of World Communications Day 2012: "Silence and Word: path of evangelization". The Vatican has touched on a theme that holds enormous potential for us all. More than ever, silence plays an important role in communications and all of our inter-personal relationships. Noise and clutter has become so prevalent in our urban centers that you’ve got to wonder how it’s affecting our most basis relationships and even our ability to dialogue. Are people speaking more but saying less? Are we yearning (and yelling) for attention?  Most importantly, are we still able to listen?
The full text is below. Share your thoughts about the choice of the theme in the comments.
Silence, precisely because it favors habits of discernment and reflection, can in fact be seen primarily as a means of welcoming the word. We ought not to think in terms of a dualism, but of the complementary nature of two elements which when they are held in balance serve to enrich the value of communication and which make it a key factor that can serve the new evangelization.
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Photo Credit: CNS photo/Ali Jarek ji, Reuters

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