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April 15, 2009
Archbishop Thomas CollinsSome of you may be familiar with the Catholics Come Home ads that we've been running on our network – they are a part of a series of campaigns to invite lapsed Catholics back into the fold. The newest of these campaigns is We Are Catholic, launched by the Archdiocese of Toronto to reach out to Catholics who have been away from the church and affirm those who actively practice their faith.
The campaign includes a radio spot and a dedicated minisite with an online video message from Toronto's Archbishop Thomas Collins. The initiative highlights the rich diversity of the Toronto Archdiocese and provides information and resources to reconnect Catholics with their faith community.
“We know there are many Catholics who wish to return to the Church but don’t know where exactly to start," said Neil MacCarthy, communications director for the archdiocese. "Most importantly, we want these people to know they’re welcome now and always. [...] These resources give visitors a chance to dip their foot in the water before they consider diving back into full, active participation in the Church.”
MacCarthy also highlighted an additional goal of the initiative: “The campaign also provides an opportunity for all local residents, regardless of religion, to gain a better appreciation of the extensive work the Catholic Church undertakes to strengthen our entire community. During this most holy time of year, let’s celebrate the contribution of those inspired by their faith across the GTA.”
The radio spots began running on Toronto local news station 680 News on Monday of Holy Week and will continue to run through Easter Sunday. The video can be seen at www.wearecatholic.ca.
The website includes information about Catholicism, references to local Catholic organizations and a searchable directory of 225 local Catholic churches. The site also links to sections of the official website of the Toronto Catholic Church, which has welcomed more than 750,000 visitors since 2008.
The Catholic Church of Toronto welcomed 1000 adults in parishes throughout the GTA on Saturday evening during the Easter Vigil. They joined the 1.9 million Catholics in the Archdiocese – the largest diocese of the country.
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