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The challenge of being a parent

February 16, 2012
One of the biggest challenges families face today is the question of how to educate one's kids. How do you explain to them what is right and wrong? Discipline nowadays is sometimes a misunderstood and linked to old models that some would consider violence.
As Catholics we compromise to teach to our kids Catholic values, explain to them what Christ and his Church asks of them. This has nothing to do with violence, instead it implies finding a way to show kids how and why Christ’s way is the right way.
Discipline today is even more difficult because kids have access to all kinds of technology and they live in a society where information can travel around the globe in a matter of seconds. This means parents need to think not only of what to teach their kids but also what type of information their kids are exposed to.
This reality made me think that maybe it is all a question of time: the time parents spend with their kids. How many of us played with our dad when we were kids? How many of us remember being in the kitchen when our mother was preparing dinner? Yes, kids need time with their parents. That gives them time to feel the love their parents have for them and they can also absorb directly from their parents everything they need to know to be better adults in the future.
All parents know that the task is difficult but as we know, educating your kids is not just something you know you need to do, but also an exercise of love for your kids. Everything you teach to them today will be useful for them in the future.
This week, Pedro assembles his parenting panel, Patrick Douglas, Gillian Kantor and Jason Gennaro to discuss how Catholic parents should discipline their kids and also give some helpful suggestions.
Join us for this discussion, Friday on Perspectives: The Weekly Edition at 7 and 11pm ET / 8pm PT. In the meantime, take part in the discussion on Facebook.

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