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Living Lent with Mary

March 22, 2012
This post comes to us from Fr. Jim Phalan, CSC courtesy of the Holy Cross Family Rosary Blog "World at Prayer"
During a recent to our Family Rosary Missions in AfricaI had the opportunity to visit Kibeho, Rwanda where  Our Lady appeared many times between 1981-83 a  dozen years before the well known genocide.
Though relatively recent, these apparitions have already received high level approval from the Church. Their message  is quite contemporary. Particularly noteworthy is that as Our Lady called us all to pray the Rosary she identified herself as The Mother of the Word.
Pope Benedict has been making a persistent call to us  to pay much more attention to the Word of God. In the beautiful text Verbum Domini  he calls us to ¨allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit to an ever greater love of the word of God¨.
Lent is a great time for this and at the heart of this season is our desire to give ourselves to the Living Word, Christ Himself, as he gave himself to us.
How? The Pope invites us to look to Mary, who ¨lives completely attuned to that word… As we contemplate in the Mother of God a life totally shaped by the word, we realize that we too are called to enter into the mystery of faith, whereby Christ comes to dwell in our lives.¨
Meditating the Mysteries of the Rosary, this is what happens! Let this Lent be a time for grow in your love for the word of God as you  pray the Rosary. As you pray it,  don´t rush! Slow down! Reflect! Listen! Let Christ, the Word of Life,  truly come to dwell in your heart.
Photo: The Mother of the Word of Kibejo, courtesy of Fr. Jim Phalan, CSC
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