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Faith can lead to peace in the Middle East

April 19, 2012
For the last couple of weeks we've been speaking about our newest documentary, Abraham's Tent, which features the Kids 4 Peace Program. This wonderful initiative brings Jewish, Muslim and Christian youth from Israel over to an outdoor camp in Canada, where they spend two weeks with a multi-faith group of Canadian youth. It is a powerful story of faith, hope and friendship that shows how children have figured out how to achieve world peace.
This week, on a rebroadcast of Perspectives: The Weekly Edition, I speak with Fr. Samuel Barhoum, director of the Kids 4 Peace program in Galilee. He and his wife Susan discuss the peace process in the Middle East as they witness it, being two Anglican Arabs living in Galilee. They were here at S+L after the Kids 4 Peace camp ended and told us about inter-faith relations in the Holy Land.
If you have not yet watched Abraham's Tent, this episode will serve to whet your appetite. Father Barhoum has the conviction that to foster peace we must seek to know one another. He believes that by nourishing friendships across religions beginning in the younger generations,  we will establish a true and lasting peace.
I should take the opportunity also to let you know that Kids 4 Peace is an on-going program and it's completely free to the participants. If you know an 11-year old and would like to give him or her an experience of a lifetime, visit kids4peace.ca.
Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night at 7pm ET, 8pm PT for this engaging conversation about how faith and friendship can lead to peace. Visit us on our Facebook page or on our Perspectives page for all of the updates and to share with us your thoughts.
And if you missed it, be sure to watch Abraham's Tent, which will air this Sunday, April 22 at 2:00pm ET, 11am PT (9pm in Israel).

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