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IEC2012 launches iPhone and iPad App

May 3, 2012
Pilgrims attending this year's International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin, Ireland will experience the Congress in a completely new way with the aid of technology. The Congress organizers recently launched a free iPhone and iPad App designed exclusively for Congress pilgrims.
Dominican Friar Luuk Dominiek Jansen designed the App to include a pilgrim guide, a pastoral resources tool, news and multimedia feeds. Additional functions within the App include a daily guide for pilgrims about Congress events. A unique feature of this App is the ‘My Planner’ section, which allows pilgrims to organise their own personal schedule based around the Congress week programme. ‘My Planner’ creates an individual timetable for the pilgrim based around the workshops, talks, exhibitions and arena events that they are interested in attending. The App also provides a map and GPS locations for each event. Pilgrims will be able to locate where they want to go and how to get there. Designer of the App, Br Luuk, explained: "The App is built to be very flexible. The information regarding the Congress changes all the time; new information becomes available and updates to the programme are made. Therefore, we needed an App that would automatically update itself when new or changed information becomes available in the lead up to the Congress.” Pilgrims using the App will be kept well informed throughout the Congress.
Download the free iPhone and iPad App here.
Photo courtesy: IEC2012
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