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Maria Voce - Witness

May 26, 2012
At this year's 50th International Eucharistic Congress, Maria Voce will be one of the many outstanding speakers. Maria Voce is the international president of the Focolare Movement, one of the Church's great ecclesial movements founded in wartime Italy by a lay woman named Chiara Lubich. The movement is rooted in a profound spirituality of unity and a great part of its success is shaped not only by the group‚s spirituality, but also Focolare's charism of ecumenism, interfaith dialogue, patience, kindness, openness, and a desire to understand before passing judgment. Join Fr. Thomas Rosica as he interviews this renowned Italian woman who heads a movement known for its spiritual and religious projects throughout the world that bring people together around the Word of God.
Programming note: While we have been highlighting the speakers of the upcoming International Eucharistic Congress on the S+L blog, please consult the Witness web page to find out which episodes are airing on our network. This week, we are broadcasting Fr. Rosica's interview with Br. Peter Bray and Br. Jack Curran of Bethlehem University, in advance of the premiere screening of the S+L documentary Across the Divide on Sunday, June 3 in Vancouver.
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