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Our Lady of Pentecost

May 16, 2018
CNS photo/Crosiers
"If the Church does not exist without Pentecost, neither does Pentecost exist without the Mother of Jesus, since she lived in a wholly unique way what the Church experiences each day under the action of the Holy Spirit." - Pope Benedict XVI
"All these with one accord devoted themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus."
-Acts 1: 14
At this time of the year, approaching the end of the Easter Season, as Church we contemplate the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles. Jesus ascends to the Father promising that soon the apostles will be "baptized with the Holy Spirit".
These are amazing events but maybe they seem so extraordinary we may feel we don't know what to do with them! Is this "Holy Spirit" far from my world and my life?
Mary, the Mother of the Community of Disciples, is right in the middle of the family. The Holy Spirit fills them all. Yet  we remember that at the moment of the Annunciation the Holy Spirit descended upon Mary and ever since she has been living this life in the Spirit. So if we want to know what this means, let´s look to her!
In Mary we see that the coming of the Holy Spirit is indeed incomparable and amazing. She became the Mother of God! Yet she lived her life in the Spirit in the most ordinary ways, loving her family, working together with her husband as they gave themselves in love to their Child.
The Apostles receive the Spirit and we receive the Sacraments. The Holy Spirit is among us, in the Church, desiring so much to be extraordinary Love filling our ordinary lives.
The family that prays together stays together. If you pray the Rosary in your home you let our Holy Mother help this Love to fill your family.
This post comes to us from Fr. Jim Phalan, CSC of Family Rosary International.

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