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Saskatoon lifts high the Cross

June 20, 2012
As I looked out of my airplane window, the landmark was unmistakable. Saskatoon's Holy Family Cathedral rises up like a white sail, crowned by a cross. It was the first time I laid eyes on it, apart from photos and a web cam that showed live images throughout its construction. It's equally formidable from the ground, as the flat prairie landscape allows the cross to be seen from miles afar.
The following day, on May 13, I was part of the S+L crew filming the Mass of Blessing of the cathedral. While there, I interviewed the Bishop of Saskatoon, Most Rev. Donald Bolen, as well as one of the cathedral's architects and the artist who designed the solar-power generating stained glass windows. These interviews appear in tonight's Catholic Focus, which airs at 7 and 11 pm ET, and again this Saturday at the same times.

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