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Fr. Robert Galea's second Canada tour

July 2, 2012
Many of you will remember that moving scene at the foot of the cross, at the end of Sydney's WYD Way of the Cross. A young man with his guitar, sang Above All, while actors playing Mary and John comforted each other, mourning the scene that had just taken place. It was a moment that made clear that the Cross is a mystery that should move us to our knees in worship.
That young man, Robert Galea, a Maltese seminarian, also sang the Italian verse of that WYD's theme song. When Robert was selected to sing in the international version of the official World Youth Day song Receive the Power, Robert did not know that this would lead him to join the cast of musicians that would perform in some key events before an estimated 500,000 pilgrims in Sydney, and the Holy Father.
The following year Robert came to Canada and spent some time with us at Salt + Light. Some of you will remember an intimate concert in our S+L studio, with a group of fellow Toronto musicians. At that time, Rob shared his moving testimony with a small crowd of young adults. This concert has aired on our network many times.
Four years later, he is now Fr. Robert Galea, currently serving in Shepparton, Australia. Fr. Robert’s passion is to draw others to the heart of God. He believes that music is an important instrument in helping God’s people understand the need for intimacy with their God. Fr Rob has released a six music projects to date. In all this, whilst greatly appreciating his gift of music, Fr. Robert recognises that before everything he is a follower of Christ, a priest and only then, a musician.
In 2008 Fr Rob, together with the late Bishop Joe Grech, founded the ‘Stronger’ Youth Program - a series of youth retreats, rallies and small groups which are run around the Sandhurst diocese, Perth and beyond. This youth program is fast becoming one of country Victoria’s largest Catholic youth movements.
Fr. Rob is a personal friend and a great friend of S+L. He's been on our SLHour podcast a number of times, his videos featured on our network and as SLRadio's videos of the week and he is a key supporter of our new all-music online station, SLRadio. And now, in 2012, Fr. Rob returns to Canada with concerts in London, Toronto and Winnipeg:
July 3, 7:15pm at the Aeolian Theatre in London, Ontario. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door. For more information, contact Dan Moynahan.
July 5, 7pm. Acoustic concert in St Benedict’s Church in Etobicoke, Ontario. Tickets are $20 and will be sold at the door. This concert will be filmed by Salt + Light TV. Email the Parish at connect@stbenedicts.ca for more details.
July 9, 7pm. Join Fr Rob for a concert at St Mary’s Cathedral in Winnipeg. Tickets are $20 (kids 12 and under are free) and can are available from the Cathedral. Contact the Cathedral for more Information.
And of course, you can always contact us at S+L for more information about Fr. Rob Galea's tour.
Hope you can join us!
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