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How do Catholics vote?

July 6, 2007
Your ballot?Catholics used to be predictable voters: they were Liberals in Canada (although Quebec was more conflicted) and Democrats in the United States. But, as polling after recent elections has shown, these associations have unsettled. Parties can no longer take their votes for granted. Could the majority of Catholics, perhaps sitting somewhere in the middle, be the most significant swing vote in coming elections?
Tonight’s Catholic Focus, “Catholic Voters” (the last new episode before our summer break), explores authentic political expressions of Catholic teaching on the ‘left’ and ‘right’. But by the indications of our guests, the Archbishop of Toronto Thomas Collins, former Leader of the Opposition Preston Manning and Principal of the University of St. Michael’s College Mark McGowan, this demographic colours outside the lines of partisanship.
When politics is involved, you can count on debate. However you identify yourself politically, I can assure you tonight’s program will provide something with which you can disagree.
Focus: Catholic Voters airs Friday at 7pm and 11pm ET, with an encore presentation at 7pm and 11pm ET this Sunday.

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