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WYD 2002: Ten years later

July 21, 2012
Salt + Light was born on the wings of World Youth Day 2002. Our very name comes from theme of that WYD, “you are the salt of the earth and light of the world.” Next week is the 10th anniversary of WYD 2002 and we’ll be celebrating by reliving some of the key moments of that festival of faith and meeting WYD participants 10 years later.
On Perspectives Daily we will bring you exclusive interviews with members of the WYD2002 national office, volunteers and pilgrims, who share what WYD meant for them and how it affected their lives.
Sunday at 6pm relive Pope John Paul II’s arrival in Toronto
On Tuesday at 8pm we bring you the WYD Papal Welcome Ceremony at Exhibition Place
On Wednesday at 8pm, tune in for Remembering WYD Toronto. Fr. Thomas Rosica walks us through the key moments of the event from his unique point of view as executive director of WYD 2002.
Thursday at 8pm, Sebastian Gomes brings you Lasting Friendships: Irish Pilgrims reflect on WYD Toronto. While in Ireland Sebastian met a group of young Catholics who credit WYD for their friendship. They share the roads they have travelled together in the years since their journey to Toronto.
Finally, on Friday at 7pm join Andrew Santos for a special edition of Perspectives Weekly. Andrew talks to Fr. Thomas Rosica, Executive Director of WYD 2002, David Knapp, former head of special programming at the CBC, who produced the CBC’s extensive live coverage of WYD, and April Mullen who portrayed Veronica in the Way of Cross.
Perspectives Weekly is followed at 8pm by a special broadcast of the Vigil and Closing Mass at Downsview Park.
On Tuesday July 31st tune in for Reliving WYD2002: Song of the Cross with Pedro Guevara Mann.

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