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Syria: Paving a New Road to Damascus

August 1, 2012
Fr. Paolo Dall'Oglio at Salt + Light Television along with members of the Syrian community of Toronto and members of the Salt + Light team.
The civil war in Syria is perhaps the most volatile issue in international affairs today. This is high stakes showdown that has seen all of the major powers of the world line-up and pick sides in this 16-month-old civil war that has left much of the country in ruin. The stakes reach far beyond Syria’s borders, with any sudden move from an outside party threatening to destabilize not only the region but also the whole of the international system. Some of the stories that have emerged from that country have showed the remarkable determination of the people there to put an end to the conflict and begin the rebuilding process, healing the wounds of war.
Last Friday, Salt and Light was blessed to welcome one such man, Fr. Paolo Dall’Oglio to our Toronto studios. He is an Italian Jesuit who was recently told to leave Syria due to his vocal support for the uprising, after living and working in the country for over 30 years. I had been following Fr. Paolo’s story in the news having seen him on CNN, in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and a host of other major publications. When I found out with less than 24 hours notice he was going to be coming to our studios and that I would be fortunate enough to conduct the interview with him, anyone who saw me at the time knew how much I was looking forward to this unique opportunity.
Fr. Paolo did not disappoint, giving a touching and deeply personal interview detailing a broad range of topics related to the situation his adoptive homeland is facing. He gives insight into the hearts and minds of the people and their suffering, while giving an analysis of the geopolitical realities facing the Syrian people as a result of the conflict.
Join us tonight on Catholic Focus at 7:05pm EST or 11:05pm EST for an interview you won’t soon forget (repeated Saturday August 4 at 7pm EST).

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