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Fr. Thomas Rosica’s Address from S+L Chinese Programming Fundraiser

January 29, 2007
On Saturday evening, January 27, I had the privilege of joining nearly 800 Chinese Catholics from throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto and from across Canada for a wonderful fundraising banquet for Salt and Light Catholic Television Network and our Chinese programming division. It was an incredible evening, and we raised close to $50,000.00 to continue our Chinese programming. Many people have asked for the text of my message at the banquet and I am happy to offer it here. Thanks to so many Chinese friends who made this evening a great success. Watch our Chinese programming (subtitled in English) on Salt and Light Television.
Fr. Rosica
Address of Fr. Thomas Rosica, C.S.B,
C.E.O., Salt and Light Television Network
Chinese Catholic Community Gala Fund Raising Dinner
Saturday January 27, 2007
Grand Baccus Banquet and Conference Centre Scarborough, Ontario
Dear Friends in the Chinese Catholic Community,
I am very happy to be with you this evening for another great celebration of friends of Salt and Light Television and the wonderful series: “Fountain of Love and Life.” Tonight 780 people, plus a large team of volunteers, have gathered together from throughout Canada. Your presence in such great numbers attests to the vitality of the Chinese Catholic community in our country.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to my two Basilian brothers Fr. Daniel Chui and “Brother” Andrew Leung- for their dedicated involvement, oversight and guidance with the Chinese Catholic programming. They are also my language coaches for Cantonese- which is very different than Italian!
In Cantonese:
[It is wonderful to be with you this evening!
Thank you, thank you thank you for what you have done
for Salt and Light Television and for the Church in Canada.]
Ngaw gam mahn,
ho wing han waw lei mun ya hey,
door-je, door-je, door-je-lei-mun,
ya hern doy Kanada ga wui dic bon jo,
waw doy yim yu gwong din-toy ji-chi.
When I first met with our good friend Paul YEUNG and representatives of the Chinese parishes in Toronto, Vancouver and several other places in Canada two years ago, I could have never imagined what would come from that meeting. I shared my dream with Paul, Bonnie, Donna, Gabriel, Hoppa, Peter, Bosco and others for a strong Chinese presence on Catholic Television in this country.
Because we dared to dream big, God has blessed our efforts in no small way. Our subsequent close collaboration with the Hong Kong Audiovisual Centre, with the blessing of the great Cardinal Zen, has allowed us to do some wonderful things together on Salt and Light Television.
We are now at a critical crossroads of our Chinese Catholic Television programming and outreach. What we are doing here in Canada as part of the New Evangelization of our country and faith will be of tremendous benefit to hundreds of thousands of women and men in China who are about to enter into a new era in their country. The walls of separation and division are slowly falling before our very eyes and the immense potential for the first Evangelization of China is about to begin. You, and indeed all of us at Salt and Light Television, are part of that exciting, missionary process.
This evening I am pleased to announce to you that we at Salt and Light Television recognize the need for a part-time staff person to work with us in our Broadcast Centre to coordinate all of our Chinese programming and efforts in the New Evangelization of Chinese Catholic Canadians and in the First Evangelization of our brothers and sisters in China. The Fountain of Love and Life Core Team has agreed to cover half of the salary and Salt and Light Television will gladly cover the other half of salary and offer a good work space in the heart of our Broadcast Centre in downtown Toronto. This collaboration will only be possible with your continued generosity. Television broadcasting is very expensive and we do our best to keep the costs low and the quality of production very high.
Together may we follow the courage and example of Fr Matteo Ricci and the Chinese Saints and martyrs by remaining strong in faith, hope and love, by overcoming fear and hardship and sacrifice, and by boldly proclaiming our faith as we share this fountain of love and life with the people of Canada and of China through Salt and Light Television. yim yu gwong din-toy
In Cantonese:
May God Bless each and everyone of you.
Yuen tin jue juk fook lei mun mui ye’ weh.
Thank you.
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