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Up close with Canada’s newest Cardinal

February 18, 2013
To some, the leadership of the Church represents a distant, shadowy club. The term “hierarchy” has been irreparably damaged, so loaded with connotations of stodgy elites isolated in plush curial offices. But those who actually know the leaders of our Church can see a very different image.
The Cardinal Archbishop of Toronto, Thomas Collins, is a prime example. Though a Cardinal ranks as a “prince of the Church”, this prince’s self-effacing humour and warm demeanour make him eminently approachable. His busy calendar of appearances throughout the archdiocese ensures that he knows the faithful, and they know him. So when he received the title of Cardinal one year ago, the press coverage was uncharacteristically jubilant. This media-friendly prelate broke through the cynicism.
Salt + Light spent a week up-close with Archbishop Collins as he prepared for the ceremony, called a consistory, that would make him a Cardinal. We followed him to Rome, where he took a stroll down the Via della Conciliazione, did the media circuit, visited his alma mater, and, finally, took possession of the red beretta and Cardinal’s ring.
To celebrate the first anniversary of the consistory, S+L will air “A Cardinal in the Making” on Tuesday night at 8:00 pm ET/5:00 pm PT and again on Sunday at 9:00 pm ET / 6:00 pm PT. UPDATE: The broadcast times have been corrected. The program airs Tuesday and Sunday night, not Monday and Saturday, as previously stated.
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