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Conclaves, media and evangelization - Vatican Radio interviews Sebastian Gomes

March 13, 2013
Media surround U.S. Cardinal Dolan as he arrives to celebrate Mass at titular church in Rome
As many of you already know, Salt and Light producer Sebastian Gomes is currently in Rome covering the Papal Transition. Recently he was interviewed by Vatican Radio about conclaves, media and evangelization. Below find the article:
(Vatican Radio) The unprecedented resignation of Benedict XVI and subsequent conclave to elect a new Holy Father have sparked media interest worldwide. Secular and Catholic news outlets alike are looking to the Vatican with greater attention, waiting to see who the next pope will be.
Producer for Salt and Light Television in Canada, Sebastian Gomes, is currently in Rome for the conclave, working with Fr Thomas Rosica, assistant spokesperson for the Vatican Press Office, and also chief executive officer of Salt and Light television. Gomes shared his perspective on this historic time in the Church with Vatican Radio’s Ann Schneible.
“There are two specific times in the life of the Church when the whole world watches,” he said. “One is a council… the other event is a papal transition. Whenever there is a papal transition everybody is so fascinated with it, I think largely because it’s one of the few moments of secrecy, intrigue. There’s an incredible attachment to the past, tradition. Those kinds of things always turn heads.”
Over the past few weeks, extra press briefings have been held to accommodate the many media outlets currently in Rome covering the conclave. Gomes explained how, from a Catholic point of view, these additional briefings provide the opportunity for evangelization. “Because there are so many people here, and many of them don’t know that much about the Catholic Church… every opportunity to speak to them is an opportunity to evangelize and to teach. And if you think about what the responsibility of the Catholic Church is, our purpose is to evangelize.
Listen to Ann Schneible’s full interview with Sebastian Gomes from Salt and Light Television: here
CNS photo: Paul Haring

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