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Catholic Focus: Finding St. Anthony

July 10, 2013
How can St. Anthony's story continue to inspire generations of believers? That was one of many questions I looked into, as I prepared for this latest Catholic Focus. So you know, St. Anthony to this day continues to be one of my favourite Saints in the Church. Besides helping me with lost items (like keys), I revere Anthony because he's of Portuguese descent. Might I add, the fact that I say he's Portuguese causes a little bit of controversy amongst our Italian colleagues in the office!
As you may already know, Salt + Light Television recently launched its newest documentary film, Finding Saint Anthony: A Story of Loss and Light on June 13 of this year. Directed and produced by filmmaker Edward J. Roy of J6 Entertainment in New York, the film is a one-hour documentary that explores the life of the thirteenth century Saint Anthony of Padua. The film takes viewers on a journey that is punctuated by moments of loss as young Anthony searches for the right path in life. That ultimately leads to the courageous choice of total surrender to God’s plan for him.
Filmed in various locations in Portugal and Italy, the production of this film was made entirely possible through the generous financial contributions of the Longo family. They have dedicated the film to the memory of Rosa and Antonino Longo - who instilled not only a love of family, but also a solid foundation based on hard work, good values and a sense of doing the right thing, that guide and inspire their family’s legacy. The Longo family has a great devotion to St. Anthony of Padua and wished through this film to make his story known to contemporary audiences. If you missed our world television premiere, be sure to tune into our website for further details.
Join us tonight on our network, immediately following Perspectives Daily, as we dig deep and look into the life of one of the most revered Saints in the Catholic tradition. We will also reflect on our latest documentary film and the recent exhibition of St. Anthony's relic that came to St. Bonaventure's Parish in Toronto, Canada this past June.
Wednesday, July 10
7:05pm & 11:05pm ET
4:05pm & 8:05pm PT
Credit: CNS photo
Andrew Santos is a freelance Associate Producer for Salt + Light Television. He currently serves as a Lay Pastoral Associate (in Youth Ministry) at St. Justin, Martyr Parish in Unionville, Ont.
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