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Relive WYD 2013 - The Way of the Cross

August 15, 2013
The memories I have of Rio de Janeiro –aside from the sight of 3 million people on Copacabana Beach -are the moments of the Way of the Cross.
That beautiful beach was the stage for one of the most moving moments I had the opportunity to live. The WYD organization intended for each station to be situations linked to the young people live today and show how  they mirror of the sufferings of Christ on the Via Dolorosa.
For me that was the first moment where a big cloud of faith visibly descended onto Copacabana Beach. The young people could see their pains, their problems portrayed in a modern context like it was happening right there.
I felt like that moment was a moment for everyone of us there understand that the pains of Christ on his way to the Calvary are the pains of each one of us.  Everyone felt like Peter when he met Jesus on his way to Rome and asked ‘where are you going?’ and Jesus answered ‘to Rome to be crucified again’.
To relive these moments tune in Friday, Aug 16 at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT
Saturday, Aug 17 at 12:30am & 1:00pm ET / 9:30pm (Fri) & 10:00am PT

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