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Be Not Afraid: The Call of Catholic Politicians

September 22, 2007
George Bush Sr. & JP IIThis Sunday, September 23rd, at 9:00 pm ET, tune in to Salt + Light Television for a new edition of our investigative special Eye on the Church. This week we will explore the impact of John Paul II's legacy on the modern crisis of Catholic politicians. It seems all too common these days for political leaders to "check their conscience at the door" and separate their private faith from their public office.
When Karol Wojytla was introduced to the world as John Paul II he made one of the central themes of his papacy the call to "Be Not Afraid." Courage is the key requirement for Catholic politicians who are intent on both serving their constituencies and their Lord.
Eye on the Church's peak into the world of faith and politics features interviews with Calgary MP Jason Kenney, who made headlines across Canada for his impassioned defense of traditional marriage; former U-S Presidential Candidate Alan Keyes, a dynamic orator and popular TV host who has challenged the modern obsession with the separation between Church and state; and Catholic theologian and public policy guru George Weigel, who shares his personal insights into the recent history of the Church and the crisis of modernity.
With election season right around the corner be sure to check out Eye on the Church this Sunday, on Salt + Light!
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