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Pope Francis expresses spiritual closeness to Church in North America as Notre-Dame de Québec celebrates 350 years

December 8, 2013
Pope greets crowd as he leads Angelus from window of studio overlooking St. Peter's Square at Vatican
After leading the crowds in Saint Peter’s Square in praying the Angelus, the Pope expressed spiritual closeness to the Church in North America, which is celebrating the 350th anniversary of its first parish: Notre-Dame de Québec.
The full translation of his words about the Quebec celebrations are as as follows:
"We unite ourselves spiritually to the Church in North America that remembers today the foundation of the first parish 350 years ago: Notre-Dame de Québec. Let us give thanks for the journey that has been made from that moment, especially for the saints and martyrs that have rendered fruitful that land. I bless with all my heart all the faithful who are celebrating this jubilee."
Below you can hear the Pope's remarks about the 350th anniversary at 14 min 30 secs mark:
CNS photo

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