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An encounter with the Word of God

September 30, 2007
“It is encountering the Lord God through the means, the pathway, of Sacred Scripture” is how Archbishop Thomas Collins, of the Archdiocese of Toronto describes Lectio Divina.
On Sunday, at 9pm ET, Salt + Light Television broadcasts the Archbishop’s first session of Lectio Divina in Toronto, taped earlier this month at St. Michael’s Cathedral.
The Archbishop will meet every month to read and reflect on Scripture. This year, he will explore the Sermon of the Mount, and in the first meeting, he focussed on the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12).
In the first session, Archbishop Collins also explained what Lectio Divina is. He advised us that when we are reading Scripture we should ask what it is a particular passage is saying to my head, heart, and our hands:
"What does it say to my head? To show me about the Lord. We are to know the Lord. My heart: how does it lead me to love the Lord? And my hands: what practically does it call me to do in my life of discipleship?"
Join us at 9pm ET on Salt + Light to experience what Sacred Scripture is saying to you!

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