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Auxiliary Bishop of Ottawa reveals reaction to appointment, Episcopal motto

January 7, 2014
First I want to express how deeply humbled I am at the trust and confidence the Lord has placed in me. I express my gratitude and devotion to Pope Francis who has chosen me for this role and to His Grace, Archbishop Prendergast for his constant support and encouragement.
I feel that this is also an honoring of Fr. Bob Bedard, the founder of my Community, the Companions of the Cross. He was my mentor and inspiration. He taught his spiritual sons to radically surrender our lives to the Lord and to pray: “Lord, whatever you ask of me I will do.” I have always believed from the time I was ordained that my priesthood is at the service of the Church.  Christian Reisbeck
I embark on this new chapter in my life of discipleship and service to the Lord with joy, humility, and the eagerness to assist the Archbishop of Ottawa in serving the needs of the priests, deacons, consecrated men and women and lay faithful of this archdiocese.
After reading the Pope’s recent Apostolic Exhortation I have decided to adopt as my Episcopal motto, Evangelii Gaudium, the joy of the Gospel. I hope with God’s help to make this the focal point of my ministry as bishop, sharing the Good News of the Gospel and inviting all into an initial and ongoing encounter with Jesus Christ, one that transforms lives and makes us eager in turn to share the Good News with others, especially the poor and the alienated.
I ask for prayers that I will be able to fulfill my ministry as a bishop and successor of the apostles with humility, kindness and mercy and filled with the joy of the Gospel.
For more on Bishop - Elect Riesbeck visit the Archdiocese of Ottawa's website
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