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Archbishop Terrence Prendergast welcomes new auxiliary for Ottawa

January 7, 2014
Pope Francis’s appointment of Father Riesbeck as my auxiliary bishop brings me great joy! I am pleased that his many talents will assist me in serving the needs of our English-speaking, francophone and other linguistic and cultural parishes.
His community, the Companions of the Cross, has a gift for evangelization so I know Bishop-elect Christian will help me as we share with the priests, deacons, religious women and men as well as the lay movements here in Ottawa the challenges of proclaim the Good News, reaching out to the poor and those distant from the Church. I realize, as well, that his community has been very generous in graciously accepting his nomination as a bishop for the greater good of the Church. I am grateful for all the help that the Companions offer our Church of Ottawa in staffing parishes, hospital chaplaincy training the lay faithful in spirituality and in other ways.
The planning for the ordination of Bishop Riesbeck will begin this week; tentative plans are that the ordination will be celebrated on March 19, the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, the principal patron of the Archdiocese. Further details will be forthcoming.
For more details on Bishop - Elect Riesbeck's appointment and photos, visit the Archdiocese of Ottawa's website

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